Newsletter 9.11.13

Dear reader!
The academic talks went as planned and many took the opportunity to reflect on both social and academic development after the first months of afterschool. Some went home with their parents, but about 100 chose to stay and they provided a fantastic sibling weekend. The programme for the weekend offered thrills and spills, sports and games. The picture shows the winners of the big sibling dodgeball tournament.

The week included a lecture by Nikolaj Witte, who talked about travelling with purpose and gave a lot of experience and inspiration to the students ahead of their upcoming expeditions in the cultural profile subjects. In the Friday assembly, students worked on themes around the school's values and the theme of community in particular was staged in a large workshop on Friday. See the pictures on FB.

On Tuesday we had a large group of former students from all over the country. The occasion was Operation Day's Work. Among other things, the many students cleaned up and participated in a focus group on revitalizing the profile of Ranum Efterskole. It was a very nice day and it is really good for the current students to see former students returning and feeling their great enthusiasm for afterschool life.

Image: Group photo from Operations Dagsværk 2013

Socially, the students have become closer during the wet autumn weather and there has been a lot of fun in the rooms and common rooms. We are in the period of the year when the masks are falling and the strong relationships and friendships are developing. For some this is a trial and at the same time it is very educational and provides social skills for life. We use the dark season to create a close community in the houses and the contact groups, together with their love groups, will be doing a lot together in the coming weeks. It's almost Christmas time and students can start gathering for the Christmas decorating competition, which officially starts on Saturday-Sunday 23-24 November.

Next week there is a bridge building for the 10th grade and a project week for the 9th grade. All pupils are therefore working on an alternative timetable and many are out of the house during the day. We mainly have bridge building in Års and Aalborg and although for the majority it is not at all at the schools where they want to go after their post-school year, it gives a taste of other types of schools and education. During the week, the festival hall is lent to Ranum Folkeskole, who perform their annual play on Thursday evening.

However, on Wednesdays during quiet time we have a guest teacher in the art of communicating the personal travel story in pictures, film, article or lecture. The presentation kicks off the process of preparing the personal narrative that reflects the experience of a foreign culture and inspires others to dare to seek their own adventures and form their own narratives. Following their Culture Profile trips to places such as Nepal, Peru, Ghana, Cambodia, Nicaragua and China, some students will go out to schools, associations and workplaces to talk about their experiences. Most presentations will be held Thursday-Friday in weeks 7 and 8 or 9. Interested schools, associations and companies can book a talk by contacting the school.

This weekend there are creative days, and the 90 weekend students are working intensively on various creative projects, which can then be experienced on FB and at school in the coming week.

In the dark of winter, not many people need their bike, so it's OK to take it home until April.
On the other hand, it would be great if everyone would remember indoor shoes, as well as warm clothes, jacket and good shoes, so we can take some good trot!

The local and regional elections also set the agenda for the assemblies at the school and on Friday we had a visit from former student Peter Christensen, who is running for the Region of North Jutland, just as Member of Parliament Pernille Vigsø presented her politics ahead of her candidacy for mayor of Vesthimmerland municipality. We will of course follow the political developments until the elections!

Best regards and have a nice weekend
Olav Storm Johannsen