Good school week and friends weekend record

Dear reader!
The Friends Weekend is in full swing and looks set to be another great success with a record 344 young people attending the school. We are overwhelmed by all the positive and happy friends joining 100% in after school life. The weekend is organised in part by our youth guides, former students, and together with the teachers' weekend team they are responsible for a programme with lots of creative activities, sports and fun. Yesterday, Friday the 13th, they organised the Ghost Run for everyone, where they provided, among other things, thrills in the lake, and masked assaults, Friends and students warmed up, of course, with the film... Friday the 13th.
The youth guides are on a course to organise and carry out activities and they have really been put to the test!
The divers also have pool tests this weekend and are therefore in the pool most of the time.

The week has offered mostly academic lessons and profile subjects. There have been a lot of assignments and the students are generally doing very well, although there is also a lot to do.
We have not had any special events, but plenty of time to focus on the choice for the 2nd period profile subject.

In the assemblies, students and teachers have presented their proposals for the 2nd period cultural profile subjects. There are again many exciting and new proposals for cultural profile subjects and expedition objectives. For example, several students and teachers are working together on new cultural subjects to South Korea, Cambodia, Peru, New Zealand, Morocco and Europe.
Students have a lot to consider, a lot to share with each other and a lot of ownership and responsibility has been taken during the week to inform decision making. In line with the idea behind our profile subject, the focus has shifted from economics to content and to a focus on the academic content of the cultural profile subject during, leading up to and after the cultural profile subject expedition.
We have held 2 test selections and they showed that more students have moved from the classic cultural subjects Nepal and USA to the new targets.
South Korea and NZ, and not least the UAE and the Nordic countries, must remain well connected if they are to be established. Co-payments on the various cultural subjects and travel are being worked out and the final election programme cannot be published until Wednesday. Parents and students can find out more about the new cultural subjects at Parents and Siblings Day on 28 September and vote by 29 September and will receive direct information by email about the process.

Next week we will have a visit from Anders Kofoed-Pedersen from TravelApe.dk He is a regular speaker at RE, and he is super good at putting community, personal development and not least what life is worth - self-esteem. See an introduction by clicking on the picture of Anders at RE 2011.

On Thursday evening we have a harvest party, where the students are challenged in classic cowboy disciplines like horseshoe throwing, rodeo riding and maybe western dancing. It is recommended to show up in country style, a shirt/romantic dress and preferably a scarf or hat.


Friday noon we have a staff seminar and as something quite unusual we all go to Læsø, to have fun together and at the same time talk about students and the autumn. The same morning the students have a lecture with Nikoline, a young entrepreneur and blogger on the site www.justnikoline.dk. Teachers and other staff who can't go will be responsible for sending students home for the extended weekend, and we look forward to seeing everyone back on Monday after 6pm.

Pedagogical it's been a good week with a few challenges about smoking on e-cigarettes, which we equate with other tobacco. We find that we have a bunch of really nice and positive kids who are totally into RE life and each other. We are keen to protect this community and have therefore focused on various issues including smoking and cannabis. In Year 9, for example, we have had a visit from a policeman and streetwalker, who has taught about drugs and the consequences of using them in the subject of citizenship. We want a drug-free school and test at the slightest suspicion or rumour, which is why it is also extremely important that pupils and parents are aware that this also applies to abuse at weekends and during holidays.

Invitation to Parents and Siblings Day on 28.9.13 and Open House on 29.9 from 13-17.
Among other things, we are featured in an after-school newspaper for Himmerlandske Efterskoler.

Saturday the 28.9 we inaugurate the new Wakeboard course at Dayz Holiday Resort in Rønbjerg. All interested are welcome at 14.30 and students and teachers will show what they can do and you will have the opportunity to try. The new course is the result of a collaboration between Ranum Efterskole and the holiday resort and the course will be our home ground for the rapidly growing sport.
Watch Waterperformance video

Sunday 29.9 we inaugurate the new bouldering wall and parkour facility in the former Martial Arts. The hall has now been transformed into an active living space where many will hang out and test themselves and each other on the challenging wall. The idea for the wall came from one of the current students and is further proof that we shape the school and activities in interaction with the young people.

Watch the new RE movie from last year's student team at www.ranumefterskole.dk and look forward to the release of the new profile magazine on Thursday. We are looking for students and former students, as well as parents who would like to distribute it at their workplaces, schools or to their neighbours. If you would like to help please email info@ranumefterskole.dk

Best regards and have a great weekend!
Olav Storm Johannsen