Newsletter 7.6.13

Dear reader!
New Students' Day went beyond expectations and it was great to meet all the new incoming students. The current student team provided a great atmosphere and showed their Performance show with dance, one-wheeler and parkour. Music also played RE afterschool song and it gave goose bumps to the whole student team, because this day also marks that the current students meet their replacements, just as they experienced it themselves just over a year ago. There are only 3 weeks left of this school year!

The many parents and future pupils were given a wide-ranging briefing on the coming school year, and the pupils met each other in their new contact groups. Except for the foreign pupils, everyone turned up and it kept the kitchen busy, which estimated that they served about 2500 meals, lunch, cake table and dinner. The students worked hard and the kitchen got a lot of praise!

The week has seen a wide range of oral tests, and students have spent a lot of time studying and preparing for the tests.
Those students who have air and who may have just had a test, have a wide activity programme every morning and after lunch. For example, this week we have had horse riding, swimming, sailing, dancing, music, decorating committee.
On Tuesday, we were visited by a TV crew who will make a video presentation of the year - from how the students have experienced a year at Ranum Efterskole. The video will be ready in the autumn! We combined the filming with a number of activities and the students were busy with adventure, diving, sailing, dancing, jumping gymnastics, design, media, music and much more.

Some students do a creative decorating task in the hallway.

The sailing students have been up for the practical aptitude test, and the theoretical test awaits shortly.
In the community gathering on Tuesday, we celebrated that one of the submitted short films from the Lockout period had reached the finals, and presented the proud directors with a gift voucher for a cinema trip, etc. Watch the film here.

We also had a visit from the Swedish high school Utsikten, which works in a very exciting way with a combination of nature guide/student course and Hotel and service/student course. The course is 3 years long and approved in Denmark for higher education. See link to website here.

On Thursday, TV2Nord came by to make a report on how, despite stricter safety rules, they succeed in making sailing education and the report will reportedly be broadcast on Sunday in TV2nord.

We are enjoying the lovely summer weather and have eaten out several times during the week. Both on the lawn as a picnic and on the new square between the dining hall and the sports hall. Pedagogically, it has been a super nice week, and we clearly notice that the students are enjoying themselves and they are good at supporting each other up to the tests!

In the coming week there are again oral exams every day, and a great range of activities in between. On Wednesday, our American host students from January's cultural trip to California will visit us. They will be here for about 2 weeks, visiting the students at home and on a field trip to Copenhagen. The week will end with the last student party, and the following weekend we expect a lot of people to stay at school and enjoy the community before we go into the outdoor week.

Best regards and have a great weekend!
Olav Storm Johannsen