Open House success - now we're leaving !

Dear reader!
The after-school evening was a success, with both students and guests enjoying the main building, which was illuminated in different colours of light. Outside the banquet hall, the students stood with the barbecue lit and all sorts of tasty food. The students showed around and the visitors heard about the new international class with 5 Cambridge subjects, as well as the values of the school from the headmaster and teachers.

On Tuesday we had a visit from our Malaysian guest students and they have really entered the school with a good mood and a desire to get to know the Danish culture. We are also visited by a representative from AFS Malaysia, who has been in Denmark 30 years ago during the youth rebellion and hippie era, as an exchange student. She speaks fluent Danish and mirrors Denmark in her descriptions as it was in the 1970s. This has led to some really funny surprises.

The Malaysian visit marks once again that the world also enters Ranum and after-school life here, and starting tonight Ranum Efterskole out in the world in all directions. Follow us on the website - via the logos on the front page, which link directly to travel descriptions and photos etc.

Pedagogical Today we have had a very unfortunate experience with some boys who have been involved in an incident of smoking a form of cannabis. We have unravelled the story in collaboration with the students and the boy who brought the drug has stopped with immediate effect. The students who in one way or another have been in contact with the story have been and will be tested. There is a big difference in their participation and therefore we have decided that they can participate in the trip if the test is negative. We find that both students, the parents involved and the teacher group have landed around this episode. Besides this very sad experience, we have had a fantastic week, and today a fantastic assembly with travelling mood and expectations bubbling all over the school!

Ranum Efterskole participates in the Danish Fundraising Campaign. See the link and donate 20,- kr. to Ulandshjælp in Afrika.

In addition to the fact that we have a lot of projects going on, e.g. international work, we have chosen to support Danmarks Indsamlingen and we have been invited to participate in the big North Jutland collection in Aalborg Culture and Congress Centre on 8 February. This means that the parents' council has moved the student party to the 15.2 on the Friday before the winter holidays.

For the next two weeks, the newsletter will be replaced by travel stories and we are very much looking forward to coming home and telling you about our many educational and adventurous adventures.

Best regards and have a great weekend!

Olav Storm Johannsen