New morning route, contact group evening and Spanishften.

Dear reader!
It was a mild week in November, and besides the academic teaching, which has returned to a regular schedule after the bridge-building week, it was a week with plenty of time for fun and shared events.

Tuesday morning was the start of the last trip on the summer route along Vilsted Lake. First we warmed up with a walk on the new morning route, which is only about 1 km and follows a paved and lit route. Then the start and the students ran, lazed and walked the summer route for the last time. The average time did not improve significantly, but the last man finished in just under 20 minutes compared to 28 minutes. at the start of the school year.

The times were:
Fastest boy: Michael time 04:51
Fastest girl: Bettina time 05:20
Previous average time 10:53 min per student.
New average time 10:38 min per student.

On Tuesday afternoon, a group of EPP1 kayak trained students participated in a demonstration of the new air cushion rescue boat at Vesthimmerland's Emergency Services. It was a very cold but fun experience. The new rescue boat is a very big improvement of the safety around Vilstedsø and the shallow part of the Limfjorden.

On Wednesday afternoon and evening, we held a contact group day and the students had fun with their contact group teachers either at their homes or at school. Some groups even went bowling or went to the cinema. The aim of the day is to strengthen the camaraderie and community of the contact group, so that we stand stronger together in the dark times.

On Thursday afternoon the Spanish team prepared a fantastic Spanish dinner with 3 courses and welcome drinks. The whole dining room was decked out in Spanish colours and the kitchen team were on hand to work with the chefs to make everything run smoothly.

In the Friday session Solveig, Anne and Signe reviewed the programme of the Performance Week and we remind you that it is a good idea to reserve a seat for the performance after the day when there is also an information meeting about the Culture Profile trips in January. Afterwards, there was a joint martial arts session in the hall and the students, under the expert instruction of Annemette and Julie, immediately started fighting against and with each other. The week was rounded off with "feeding a bear", and the old game gave everyone colour in the cheeks and close contact in the 3rd power.

Today is exactly one month until Christmas and with that we also start the big Christmas decorating competition in the rooms. The Christmas tree on top of the seminary building is lit and shines over the area, as it has done for decades. On Friday there is a student party organised in consultation with the Student Party Committee and the Parent Council. We also encourage everyone to remember to sign up on the weekend list in the school schedule by Tuesday at 12:30. Otherwise it is difficult to plan the weekend satisfactorily.

In the coming week, there will again be a strong focus on the book classes and the cultural profile subjects. At the same time, there are a few 10th graders who will be going to bridge building to complete their course.

Best regards and have a great weekend!

Olav Storm