Newsletter week 35 Kærhus evening and concert

Friday gathering - after vigil ! Before we filled the whole hall and already after 3 weeks the community is so close that we fill half.

Dear reader!

Students arrived on Sunday evening for their first "normal" RE week, and the joy of reunion was overwhelming! Several parents also chose to drop off their children and there was a great atmosphere at the "parents' coffee" in the dining room of the Kærhus. The parents who have joined the volunteer Parent Council were gathered in the dining room and were given a nice handover by the former Parent Council. There was also a meeting between the outgoing and the new pupil party committee. The collaboration has now started and with the speed the students are going in their community, it is good that we are up and running.

The week is over with academic classes, profile subjects and several evening activities. Monday included training with our Ghanaian guest teacher William, a former professional footballer. Monday was also busy with the surf club. On Wednesday evening, Keep Camping played at the Imagination Loft for the students, who were roughing it on the big mattresses and beanbags. As the concert progressed, so did the dancing and the band had a great opportunity to present their upcoming CD.

On Wednesday evening, a group of students also took part in the local evening race, finishing first ahead of the second boat by just 3 minutes, after a hectic match.

On Wednesday afternoon, Dance and Design went on a surprise cinema tour to see the amazingly talented street art performers in the film One Step up Revolution.

Thursday was busy with all the club activities and in the evening everyone had a barbecue in the South Garden of Kærhuset and enjoyed the lovely warm late summer evening. And ended with the first Kærhus evening, where the seminary house contact groups visited their love contact groups.Friday after the book classes we had contact group time and community gathering in the hall, where both students and teachers danced together vaka vaka, before wishing good weekend to all.

This weekend about 2/3 of the students are at school and many different projects are going on. There is also a town festival in Ranum, which includes a football tournament, where we also have teams, as well as festive evening activities, where students cannot participate.

In the coming week, in addition to teaching, there will be preparations for the selection of the 2nd period cultural profile subjects. Everyone has wanted a cultural profile subject and country beforehand, but as more new ideas have come and the process of choosing and forming communities of interest is important, over the next few weeks we will be qualifying students to make the right choice within the theme of Globalisation and World Citizenship.
Wednesday evening there is an offer to participate in the Vendialøbet in Års, there are 5 and 10 km. distances.

The volunteer kitchen team catered to both peers and the town party, making the evening a feast in the kitchen.

This coming weekend is the Friends Weekend, and the deadline for registration is Monday morning. It is the student's responsibility to sign up 1-2 friends and be responsible for part of the programme.

Best regards and have a great weekend!

Olav Storm

Ranum Efterskole has been certified to be a member of the UNESCO Associated Schools Network, as the only afterschool. The aim is to disseminate and raise awareness among students about the world's cultural heritage, as well as build friendships between young people across borders.